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The Mushroom

The Mushroom

SKU: 500-837-WC
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The Mushroom offers a simple handheld vibrator to relieve muscle soreness or to use for external clitoral stimulation. This smaller size is ideal for travel and storage and can be used to relieve soreness in your joints, and neck or used as a personal stimulation device for the clitoris. This smaller massager is designed to help ease joint pain, muscle stiffness, and joint swelling. This unique mushroom-shaped handheld massager fits comfortably in your hand with two fingers and offers accurate control for perfect pinpoint stimulation. Made with premium silicone, this travel massager ergonomic hand-held version is fully chargeable, with a soft mushroom-shaped design with soft edges. This handheld massager features 9 independent functions. All mushroom handheld devices come complete with a standard USB charging cord and storage pouch for convenient storage after use. Includes a rechargeable battery and USB cord, no replacement batteries are required. 

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