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Rose Thruster

Rose Thruster

SKU: PT001-1-PT
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Best Masturbation Partner – After having a wonderful experience using this incredible sex toy, you will ascertain that you felt that you were on top of the universe. Masturbation not only takes you back to you youthful stage but also gives you a certain amount of sexual confidence that you will never experience while with your partner. You will surely go about your day in a very different manner than earlier. It’s just like the after sex feeling except that this one is way better because you achieve it all on your own. It will make you feel like an independent and sex positive queen!


Incredible Orgasm Created by Dual Stimulation –The toy is crafted to satisfy your G and please your clit fully! It is slightly curved to vibe and rub just at the right spot thus giving you intense G stimulation, while on the other hand, the rose toy vacuum is placed at a strategic place to blow on your clit directly thus helping you reach the best blended orgasm that you have been dreaming about in your life. All you need to do is just inserting it and activate as you wait to realize dual stimulation pleasure!


5 Oral Sex Modes and 10 Vibrations –To ensure that is fits into your clit, use your fingers and spread the labia part and place the mouth on the clit, then enclose it without touching. Start fiddling with the intensity settings until you find one that suits you. The best thing is that you will not need to stay in the position for extended time for you will reach orgasm within a short while. Even though not all women cum this fast, the rose toy is just on another level thus the reason why it is called a “smooth operator”.


Fully Waterproof and Medical Silicone –the toy is skin friendly, non-odorless and non-toxic. It is quite safe to use this toy since it is made of silicone and it is fully waterproof. It works incredibly under water and you can easily clean it. After use, rinse with clean water and dry using lint-free cloth or towel.

Color: Red
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