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to Platinum Treasures Adult Novelties!

Sexual pleasure beyond your element. 

Founded in 2009 as a Maryland based in-home party consultant business, we have built a relationship of trust and privacy with our customers. We have always offered our customers a hands-on experience to suit a variety of interests, preferences and tastes. Our curated product selection showcases our attention to the needs of our customers. 


New adventures can be scary and sometimes expensive. Don’t let your fears limit your ability to experience and enjoy something new. As you shop our site, Platinum Treasures allows customers to venture into new areas of sexual pleasure, even on a budget. 

As your curiosities start to lead you down unfamiliar paths of your sexuality and desires, we want you to feel comfortable, safe and confident. Your privacy is important to us!  Do not be ashamed of your personal pleasures, kinks or fetishes. Dive in and enjoy! Our multifaceted inventory can help feed your pleasures and curiosities with toys and tools for every level of your sexual journey. 


Whether you are a curious novice, a seasoned libidinousness or seeking to change lanes, we are here to guide you through your limitless sexual exploration. Platinum Treasures maintains the latest in products, instructions for product use and suggestions for the safest way to have fun in the bedroom using our products.


If you are ready to take your sexual pleasure to new levels, you’ve come to the right place!

Meet the Founder

Carl  (Toy Guy) is the owner of Platinum Treasures Adult Novelties & Lingerie which is an e-commerce webstore and in-home party plan business. He has been an adult pleasure professional for over 10 years. He’s focused on educating, empowering and providing the necessary tools/resources to his clients for safe sexual intercourse and health all while experiencing pleasure. His goal is close the pleasure gap and make sexual pleasure inclusive for everyone.

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